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Zimoby has today announced the launch of its intelligent birthday messaging system.

Generally, you all know how difficult it is to remember spouses’, children and friends’ birthdays (too many things running through our minds). What if you had a system that not only remembers the birthdays but also sends our customized birthday greetings? That will be great isn’t it?. Well, that is exactly what Zimoby Birthday feature does.

The set-it-and-forget birthday module comes with the following features:

a)      ability to create unlimited standard birthday messages which can then be used to send messages to similarly grouped recipients eg you could create a message such as “Happy birthday to a dear friend” or “Happy birthday to my darling”. When recipients are added, you can choose “Happy birthday to a dear friend” to all your friends and then use the “Happy birthday to my darling” to send to your spouse.

b)      Ability to set time of the day to send out birthday messages to recipient

c)      Ability to add an unlimited number of recipients. For each recipient added, you have the option to select from the list of standard messages created above. Only one message can be selected at a time when adding a recipient

d)     Recipients can be edited, deleted or made inactive. Inactive recipients will not receive messages at their birthdays

e)      Standard Messages can be created, edited and deleted

f)       Recipients GSM numbers not already in your “Owned GSM Numbers” will be automatically added.

g)      A pre-delivery alert message is sent to sender to notify that a birthday message is going to be sent to a recipient. This feature helps avoid an embarrassing situation where a recipient receives an automated birthday message without your knowledge. Imagine a situation where someone calls to thank you for a birthday message from you when in fact you have forgotten that the message was sent out. Our customers love this feature.

h)      A provision to use tags in message content. Tags allow you to personalise messages. Eg If its desired to mention the name of the celebrant (recipient) in the message, you could set a standard message such as “Happy Birthday {firstname}. Many Happy Returns”. When the system sends out birthday messages with this standard message, all recipients assigned this standard message will receive the message with the {firstname} tag replaced by their first names. Eg “Happy Birthday John. Many Happy Returns”

We are proud of this feature. If you haven’t joined Zimoby, there is no better time than now. Registration is  FREE and can be done online at