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ZIMOBY is a viral marketing consulting firm that leverages on the increasing use of GSM to help advertisers reach a targeted and widerange of audience and in the process, promote and increase sales of their products. Over the last few years we have researched into the use of bulk sms as a strong marketing tool and discovered that only a geo-targeting of GSM numbers can deliver an advertiser's message to their target market.

Presently advertisers use bulksms to reach out to millions of GSM subscribers with some companies offering to sell GSM numbers to advertisers. Our research shows three major flaws:

a) Advertisers cannot determine who gets to receive their adverts since the numbers supplied to them do not show the details of the subscriber, where they are located, what their preferences are, what they do for a living etc
b) Advertisers cannot determine whether numbers sold to them exist on the providers network or not
c) Advertisers intrude into the privacy of owners of the GSM numbers since they can see the numbers sold to them.

ZIMOBY addresses all of the above flaws and more. Our intelligent messaging service is the first of its kind and the next level in bulk sms messaging services. We offer full geo-targeting of bulk sms as well as providing privacy of the numbers sold to the advertiser.

ZIMOBY currently trades as Whitestones Technologies Ltd, an internet marketing company registered in Nigeria in 2006